Boys’ choirs as a duo

Knabenchor Capella Vocalis

Knabenchor Hösel

The concert series Knabenchöre im Duo (Boys’ choirs as a duo) promotes the musical exchange of boys’ choirs and their conductors. Lovers of choir music will be delighted: The choir boys perform works from all periods, accompanied by the organ or a cappella, and enchant the audience with well-known classical melodies as well as highly sophisticated works.

Knabenchor Hösel

Knabenchor Wuppertaler Kurrende

DUO 1: Knabenchor Capella Vocalis Reutlingen (20 April 2008)

DUO 2: Knabenchor Wuppertaler Kurrende (14 September 2008)

DUO 3: Munich's Domsingknaben (13 February 2011)

DUO 4: Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford ( 9 Juli 2011)

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next performance

Sun., June 5th, 10 AM

Conductor: Toralf Hildebrandt
Organ: Edwin Pröm
Servant: Minister Michael Lavista


Summer Concert with Quartet "Keychord"
Sat., June 25th, 5 PM

Conductor: Toralf Hildebrandt
Organ: Pro. Jürgen Kursawa



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