Angelic Choirs Vol. 1


Knabenchor Hösel
Conductor: Toralf Hildebrandt
Torsten Laux, organ
Philipp Tetzlaff, baritone

Price: 15,- EUR
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The CD „Angelic Choirs“ can be directly obtained from the book store Rose Schlüter, Heiligenhauser Straße 1, 40883 Ratingen-Hösel, Germany.

Extract from the introduction:

The new CD series „Engelschöre“ (Angelic Choirs) of the Knabenchor Hösel intends to reach not only the “intellectual” heads of the friends of classical choir music but also the hearts of all listeners. With this in mind, the Knabenchor Hösel has started an edition, together with the concertino musikverlag, that aims to make the most beautiful European choir music sung by angelic boys’ voices available to a large audience. The aim was to both improve well-known works and discover new ones.

The conductor Toralf Hildebrandt and the Composer Gerhard Rabe have not spared any effort to rediscover in international libraries and private collections “gems of choir music“ that had been considered forgotten for a long time. They were particularly successful in their endeavours in Southern Germany, France and England. Many treasures of choir music still remain to be retrieved; therefore this CD is just a beginning. Our audience may look forward to “Angelic choirs”, sung by angelic voices.

CD Tracks

[1] Friedrich Silcher*
Alles, was Odem hat, lobe den Herrn

[2] Edward Elgar*
Lobet ihr Völker, lobet den Herrn

[3] Henry Purcell*
Herr, dein Lob soll laut erklingen

[4] Cesar Franck*
Panis Angelicus

[5] Cesar Franck*
Ave Maria

[6] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart*
In Gottes Hand

[7] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart*
Ave verum corpus

[8] Edward Elgar*
Ave verum

[9] Dimitrij Bortniansky*
Du Hirte Israels

[10] Gustav Biener
Wie schön ist es, dem Herrn zu danken

[11] Emil Rabe
Jubelt, ihr Völker all

[12] Emil Rabe
Herr, mache mich zum Werkzeug deines Friedens

[13] Peter Sölken
Du bist mein Hirt

[14] Johann Sebastian Bach*
Jesu bleibet meine Freude

[15] Franz Schubert*
Wohin soll ich mich wenden

[16] Franz Schubert*

[17] Engelbert Humperdinck*

[18] Johannes Brahms*
Guten Abend, gut Nacht

* Arrangement: Gerhard Rabe

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next performance

Sun., June 5th, 10 AM

Conductor: Toralf Hildebrandt
Organ: Edwin Pröm
Servant: Minister Michael Lavista


Summer Concert with Quartet "Keychord"
Sat., June 25th, 5 PM

Conductor: Toralf Hildebrandt
Organ: Pro. Jürgen Kursawa



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